Special Evidence

In this section evidence will be published that sheds light on developments that had positive impacts against the continuation of the Genocide but were undermined by the perpetrator and its complicits.


The Peace Process calls a halt to the Genocide

submitted by International Human Rights Association Bremen

The peace process that started with the signing of the ceasefire agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in February 2002 effectively brought the Genocide to a halt. It was a unique moment in the history of the Gencoide against the Tamils. As a matter of fact, it  were the Tamils themselves who achieved this. The real chance for a definite stop of the Genocide arose out of the fact that major European countries, specially Germany, put their weight behind the peace process and defended it against those countries who would benefit from a return to war. This paper analyses in brief the positive role played specially by Germany Рas the leading power inside the EU- and its futile attempt to prevent the breakdown of the peace process.

You can download the paper here:

In English: The Peace Process calls a halt to the Genocide [pdf: 88kb]

In German: Der Friedensprozess stoppt den Völkermord [pdf: 93kb]