From the Final Report: “Recognizing that the Sri Lankan state alone did not have the capacity to achieve its genocidal ambitions, and given the evidence presented, the Tribunal believes that the UK, the USA and India are guilty of complicity in genocide. Further, the Tribunal judges that the UK and the USA are clearly accomplices in the genocidal process. Regarding the charge against India, the Tribunal decides to withhold its final decision pending the consideration of additional evidence, which could include examination of the potential responsibility of other States, such as China.”

The Final Report has officially been released. Uptil now it is available in three languages. Translations into other will languages follow.

You can download the Final Report here as a pdf-file:

[Tamil][English][German][Spanish] – [Italian] – [Korean] [Japanese]

The Final Report is also available as a printed version in German and English. The report can be ordered from the organisations that prepared the accusations. For more information please feel free to contact

International Human Rights Association:

Irish Forum for Peace in Sri Lanka: